Price Monitoring Services


Price Monitoring Services

Our price monitoring services can scrape pricing, availability, inventory levels, etc. from any e-commerce websites as well as send notifications, to help you make a superior product strategy.

Monitor competitor’s products, or industry products from all types of websites, including key players like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay directly from the competitor’s websites as well as other channels comprising affiliates, partners, and distributors globally.

Utilization of Price Monitoring Services

Price Differences

Utilize product data extracted from the competitor’s sites to study and familiarize with the price variations across various partners, websites, channels, and domains.

Study Trends

Study prices over-time to know historical trends. Match the pricing trends amongst your partners, channels, or competitors.

Valued Insights

You can utilize product data forgetting a comprehensive range of competitors’ products. It will help standard yourself against the rivals as well as forecast the market’s future.

Articulate Intelligent

Use usable and coherent data to make the best pricing decisions as well as winning the product pricing strategies.

Market Position

Understanding competitor’s products, ratings as well as present stock levels will assist you in devising a strategy depending on where you work.

Consumer Opinions

Using the customer’s review information we collect for you, you may discover which brands and products are doing fine or not well through analyzing the of the online consumers.

Restore Product Data

We can extract retail websites on the regular basis depending on the custom schedule as well as scrape product data.

Price Changing Alerts

We will provide you alerts using WebHooks, Emails at the right time, therefore you can respond to the changes made with MAP violations or your competitors.


Why Choose Datagators ?

Customized Price Monitoring Solutions from DataGators help you build something precisely for your requirements, without feature-bloat as well as ramp-up needed for using composite user interfaces.

◉ Simple to advanced dashboards

◉ Context Analysis

◉ Custom Alerts

◉ Historic Trend Analysis

◉ Multi-attribute Comparison

◉ Sentiment Analysis for Product Reviews