About Us


DataGators Scraping takes web data scraping to a completely new level. If you want to collect your competitors’ pricing, services, store locations, lead generation, or social media content, we have the experience and expertise to help grow your business. Being the best web data extraction services company in India, DataGators Scraping builds web extraction solutions precisely as per your business requirements. We make sure that you get only the data that you want from the desired sources.

We at DataGators Scraping, take care about all our clients’ requirements to deliver world-class data extraction services and create a long-term business association with them.


Our vision is to constantly grow as a leading IT service provider and become a top performer in offering quality Data and Web Scraping solutions in today’s competitive marketplace.


Our mission is to become world’s No. 1 web crawling solution provider and improve customers’ business growth using creative web data scraping services to provide high-quality and market-defining solutions which create value and competitive benefits for our clients across the globe.


Our values are just about everything for us. They are the ultimate code of conduct on which the whole company stands. Our work ethos comprises of Innovation, Integrity, Passion, Reliability, Teamwork, and Transparency.


We believe in quality over quantity and therefore we take all the necessary measures to make sure that we deliver the best quality data every time. We always go an extra mile to provide best quality results. All the solutions get customized as per your business requirements without compromise in quality standards.


We are completely committed and dedicated to our customers. We always do our best with discipline and careful planning to deliver reliable and top quality data scraping services as well as meet all the customer requests. You can rely on our web scraping solutions as we always do what we say. We always keep our promises and fulfill expectations.


We are passionate about new ways of doing things and lifelong learning. We believe in making things a bit differently and we are always in search of self-improvement. We always work to improve our procedures and develop our abilities and skills.

Our Story

DataGators Scraping was initiated on two main principles; to provide outstanding business values and deliver high quality and accurate data. We understand that our customers are not looking for an ordinary data provider; they are searching for the best company for website scraping and online data extraction who understands their requirements well. We have designed a model which is adaptable, flexible, and easy-to-understand.

What We Do

DataGators Scraping takes the competitive intelligence to a completely new level by extracting real-time information and making custom data reports which help in pushing your business. We use the most advanced and secured mining technologies to search, scan, mine and format the real-time data into all-inclusive customized reports.

Why DataGators?

At DataGators Scraping, we don’t earn just clients, we earn partnerships! Our dedicated team works with your business and develops web data extraction services, best-suited to your requirements. We convert our technology according to your business’ requirements and provide accurate results.

At DataGators Scraping, we make investments in your business through offering confidential consultation with the help of our experienced analysts, secured web extraction technology, one-on-one development resources, and 24x7 support. We have expertise and knowledge to fulfill your unique data solution requirements.